Store Locator and Results


The store locator plug-in is used to all website visitors to enter geographic information to generate a list of stores that meet that criteria.



Add State List Drop-down


Allows the option to select a state when performing a store location search. This allows website users to enter either a city, state, zip code and distance parameters OR select a state from a drop-down list.


To implement this function, the following needs to be added to the Store Locator and Store Locator Results plug-ins.

Store Locator Plug-in: add the new select option code inside the store locator <form> element as follows:

{html_options name="store_location_state" options=$store_state_options selected=$selected_store_state}


Store Locator Results Plug-in: inside the row template, add a conditional to detect whether or not a valid distance has been provided by the plug-in as follows:

{if $distance > 0}
  {$distance} Miles<br />

When the state selector option is chosen, the results plug-in recognizes that the distance is not applicable.





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