Zone Shipment Scheduler

Hardiness zones divide the USA into 11 areas based on the average annual minimum temperature. Products are assigned to a Zone Schedule by the client based on how well they will survive within given ship-to climates (zones) upon certain date ranges within a year. This gives customers the ability to select when a product is able to be shipped providing the best survival of a plant.


Implementation Steps

Follow the steps below to add the plug-in to a website.





Configure Zone Shipment Schedule 'Plug-In': (templates & plugin_tag are created in conversion)
name: zone_label_template
data: <br/><b> Suggested Ship Dates </b> {$zone_label}</br>

name: zone_schedule_template
data: <br/>Ship {$zone_schedule_label} the week of {zone_date_dropdown}<br/>

name: zone_static_area_template
data: The Suggested Ship Dates are teh most appropriate for the growing Zone. More information is available <a href="#">here</a>.


Make changes to the following unprotected templates:

name: order_summary_header
name: multiple_ship_to_order_summary_order_item_group_header (mst template)

<---- add this line before the Product Name - Part # - Qty header section ---->
<tr><td colspan="6">{zone_shipping}</td></tr>

<---- add this section after the Part # section or Send To section (mst) ---->
<---- note: because this is adding a new column to the order summary section, some of the widths for other columns may need to be adjusted to add up to 100% ---->
<td width="10%" nowrap="nowrap">
<b>Ship Date</b>

name: order_summary_order_item_row
name: multiple_ship_to_order_summary_order_item_row (mst template)

<--- add this line after the product_part_number section or multiple_ship_to_address_selector section (mst) ---->




Import existing Zone regions and  existing Zone schedules.


Use the Zone Schedule Manager to add some merchandise hierarchies to existing zones schedules.






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