eWallet Listing Plug-in


The "eWallet Listing" plug-in for the website allows customer management of their credit cards. There are two parts to the eWallet plug-in:

  1. Management of the cards in a user's account page, and

  2. Ability to select from them at checkout, which is managed using the eWallet Listing Plug-in in the My Account section. Templates for this plug-in are prefixed 'ewallet.'

  3. If more than one entry exists for the same credit card, both entries do NOT display in the checkout drop-down credit card list.  Only distinct cards are displayed.


My Account Card Listing

Card Entry Form



Below is an image of the My Account page with default and additional cards listed.



Checkout Configuration Plug-in


Checkout Save Card View

Check box on Review screen allows customer option to save credit card.



Once cards are part of customer account, they are available from drop-down list.




Enable eWallet


In the main Checkout Configuration plug-in, you need to check the box at the very bottom 'enable e-wallet during checkout'. This should add a select drop-down list of stored credit cards to the payment types section of the checkout.




When the customer selects the "Credit Card" payment method, a select drop-down displays, allowing the customer to select from existing cards, or to create a new card. The existing credit card entry form is not be displayed.


Save Card Option


Enables the customer the option to not save their credit card to the My Account screen. There are two options in the in the eWallet plug-in:

1. user_saved_card option  = enables option to save card to My Account





2. Identify as Save Credit Card Text = Save credit card





Update Card Information


To allow creation/updating of a credit card record without being redirected to the My Account page or losing other data from the surrounding form, add the following line to the add card form of the eWallet listing plug-in:


<input type='hidden' name='tag_name' value='{$tag_name}'/>


With this input, eWallet listing can now be performed asynchronously (without reloading page). If it is not present, the credit card is still be added but the page will reload.




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