eBay® Overview

The CORESense eBay® integration allows retailers to deliver product auctions to eBay for sale on that market place and then fulfill the resulting orders through the CORESense Back Office.  The principal benefits for retailers who engage in this program are significant brand recognition and the ability to drive sales by conducting auctions of their products in front of millions of consumers.



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The following items need to be in place before you can initiate a product auction.

  1. Setup and activate an eBay account

  2. Request an auction template from your implementation consultant

  3. Setup products with auction information defaults (either manually or via ProductSKU template import)


Integration Basics

This section provides a step-by-step introduction to the overall integration process between CORESense and eBay.








Use CORESense to launch eBay auctions
Your eBay/CORESense integration begins with CORESense allowing you to launch your auctions directly from your powerful CORESense Back Office.

There are three launch methods, each of which are discussed in greater detail in following chapters.

  1. Individual Auctions -- Launch a single auction from your back office.

  2. Batch Auctions -- Launch and manage multiple auctions simultaneously.

  3. LaunchPads -- LaunchPads provide more comprehensive automated auction launching functionality.


CORESense sends notification e-mail to winning auction customer
Once an auction is successfully won, CORESense automatically creates an order, places it in the Auction Awaiting Checkout status and sends a notification e-mail to the customer including winning auction information and website checkout instructions. By default, CORESense uses the eBay Winning Auction E-mail template for sending the notification e-mail.
notes.gif  Note: CORESense is typically notified by eBay within 10 to 40 minutes after an eBay auction has been successfully won.


Customer checks out through eBay
Auction completion and order checkout is finalized from eBay.


Process the new order the same way you process orders placed directly through your website
Once the customer completes the checkout process, a new order is created and processed in CORESense.


Post feedback to eBay for completed orders
CORESense enables you to manually or automatically post feedback for completed eBay orders. CORESense (through shipment integrations), updates eBay with the ship date and the tracking number.



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