Mobile POS (mPOS) Overview

This is a reference for general access of the mobile Point of Sale (POS). The topics covered include:



The mPOS interface is accessible from your POS terminal or any held-hand device with Internet access. Each terminal is assigned a token to activate the new system. Your CORESense Administrator assigns a Username and Password to each user, which is typically the same login in as your Back Office access.



Main Menu

The mPOS Main Menu options are described in the table below.






  1. Menu

  2. Functions

  3. Void


  1. Menu identifies terminal information and address

  2. The following functions are available:

  • Open Cash Drawer

  • Order Search

  • Suspend and Resume an Order

  • Issue/Redeem Value Card

  • Issue/Redeem Gift Certificate

  1. Void the current order

  1. Active Customer

  2. Customer Search

  3. Product Search

  4. Scan


  1. Name of current active customer or default customer (store terminal location)

  2. Customer search

  3. Product search

  4. Initiate barcode scan or manually enter barcode