Customer Saved Search

Customer searches can be built and saved for utilization within the Customer Manager search filters. This functionality is useful when exporting customer list for use in other systems or for customer data analysis. Once a search is saved, the data is dynamic and any new customers entered into the system, who match the criteria, are automatically pulled into the query results. The saved search list is also available for assignment within the Customer Group Management.

Follow the steps below to build a saved search and apply it the Customer Manager search filters.




From the Customer Saved Search Manager, click on the Create New Customer Saved Search button.


Enter a name for the search in the label field and identify whether it is available to all Back Office users. Click Create.


Click on the Search Criteria link to access the criteria options.


Click on each of the three data links  - Customer, Order and Product - to open up criteria fields that you can select for your search.


Once all criteria has been selected, click on the Update button.


The selected criteria is listed under the Criteria Summary.


Click on the Search Results link to view the list of customers.


From the Customers tab, click on the Customer Saved Search Manager option from the manager drop-down list.


The newly created search displays in the Customer Manager Saved Search drop-down list. Select the option and click the Search button to view the results.


Click the Export to CSV to download a copy of the results.

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