Web Catalog Access

This feature allows you to limit specific website categories to individual customer accounts. Based on what categories are assigned to a web catalog group, a customer is assigned that group and when they login to the website, they would view only those pages (and products) assigned to that group.

The following steps explain how to setup customer specific website category access.




You can setup a unique category page for each customer group in the Category Navigation (Products > Channel Managers) manager or use an existing category.


In the Web Catalog Access Control Manager (Products > Channel Managers), create a new group to be assigned to customer accounts.


Click on the Web Categories link to assign specific categories to the group.


Click in the Select Categories field to choose which categories the group will have access to. Click Update to view list under the Assigned Categories box. Click on an X under the Action column to remove a category from the list.


Click on the Products link to add the products that are available from that category page. Products need to be added to the group in this manager. If you are using an existing category page that has products already assigned to it, they do not carry over to this feature and must be added here.


Click on the Customers link to assign customer accounts to the Web Catalog Access group.

NOTE: Customers can also be assigned to a Web Catalog Access group from the individual customer record (Customer Manager > Account).

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