Sales Commissions

Sales Representative commissions are assigned only at the product level. Within the Custom General Attributes of all products, a commission rate can be assigned based on either a flat- or percentage-based rate.


Path: Back Office > Products > Product Manager



Attribute Fields

The following three fields need to be complete per each product that has commission earning associated with it.




Commission Rate

The numerical commission amount associated with the sale of the product.

Commission Rate Type

Select the type of commission rate for the product.

Fixed - a flat amount per product (i.e., $2 per sale)

Profit - rate percentage calculated based on Retail - Cost

Top Line -  the commission amount is the retail price multiplied by the amount in the commission rate field. (i.e., enter 2 for a 2% of each sold item)

Insert Date

Enter the end date in which the possible commission earnings end. This is an optional field.


Commissions Report

The Commission sales information is accessible in the Commission report located under the Reporting tab. The dollar amount on the report reflects the commission rate and the commission rate type for each product. Enter a date range for the report and click the GO button to view the report.


Path: Back Office > Reporting > Choose Report > Commission



The commission sales information is organized according to the header columns cited in the image below.









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