Smarty Tags


Smarty tags can be used enhance template content and format. Smarty Tags are defined and listed in Technical Configuration, not in the Email & Document Manager. The Data Query, HTML, and CSS are all visible/editable and can have the following changes made, however, there is no GUI available for editing.



Query changes require knowledge of Smarty and/or PHP. Extensive changes may require development effort, contact CORESense Support as needed.



Below is the standard Order Item tag display.



Here is an example using the "Order Item Detail" Smarty tag.




Here is an example using a customized Smarty tag.





Common Uses


Common uses include altering order and shipment confirmation emails for multiple ship-to layouts and adding additional information under payment info.


Existing Document Template in the document template table have been reformatted to provide better layout and usability, and no longer use PHP. The following tags can be inserted into a Smarty tag within your email and document templates.


The billing and shipping tags consolidate all address fields, that were previously added individually to a template, into a single tag.


The update order Items tag display is cleaner and has a more comprehensive list of order information. This is good for single ship-to configurations as well.

·          multiple_ship_to_order_items_narrow

Sample: Added tags to format order confirmation for multiple ship-to order. Within an order confirmation template, you can leverage this new order items tag by placing it within a Smarty tag as follows:

<smarty template='multiple_ship_to_order_items_narrow'>




Sample: Added detail to Payment Info line to include credit card authorization data.











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